In today's highly competitive Real Estate market a Buyer must be Pre-Approved or have all cash to close.  Buying a home can feel like an insurmountable task.  Let us help simplify the process!  We'll assess your credit at no cost and help you form a game plan.  In addition to a credit assessment, we will prepare you with a Bay Mountain True Pre-Approval© to help strengthen your offer to assure acceptance.  A Bay Mountain True Pre-Approval© means that your credit package will be reviewed and underwritten by the lender, who will issue a lending commitment.  

Some lenders offer loan pre-qualifications and some offer pre-appovals. Here's the difference:
Most mortgage companies and banks will only provide you a lesser pre-qualification letter.  Pre-qualification letters have not had your credit package reviewed or underwritten in advance.


Provides a "ballpark" estimate of your buying power based on a cursory look at your credit package (income, credit and assets).
Is based on summary verbal information provided on your income and assets
Requires satisfactory review of credit package, property, financial documents and program requirements to issue final approval and lending commitment.
Is offered by most lenders

Most REALTORS and Sellers will not accept this as viable financing with a purchase offer.

True Home Loan Pre-Approval

Credit Package documentation reviewed and approved by a Underwriter who issues a Bay Mountain True Pre-Approval©
Provides proof to real estate agents and sellers that you're pre-approved for a specific loan amount and purchase price
Is based on verified documentation of your credit package (income, credit and assets).
Requires a satisfactory appraisal and title review and no change in financial condition for final approval and lending commitment.
Is offered by Bay Mountain at no cost as a service to prepare you to find a home




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